Azerbaijan-EU strategic partnership agreement brings new opportunities

The strategic partnership agreement between Azerbaijan and the European Union certainly contributes to a good atmosphere on both sides’ cooperation, said Jiri Sestak, the vice-president of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

“This agreement strengthens goodwill and ability to perceive each other and listen to and reinforce the importance and trust of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the EU, which brings new opportunities for both communities,” Sestak, who paid a visit to Baku.

The new agreement should replace the 1996 partnership and cooperation agreement and should better take account of the shared objectives and challenges the EU and Azerbaijan face today.

The first meeting on a new agreement between the EU and Azerbaijan was held in Brussels on Feb. 7, 2017.

As for the current level of parliamentary relations between the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan, Sestak said that the existing relations of both parliaments are at good level.

Among sectors important for encouraging the bilateral economic interaction, the Czech senator named the agriculture sector, both in the field of agriculture products and machinery, fertilizers, chemistry, and also in engineering and metallurgy.

The Czech entrepreneurs play active role in Azerbaijan’s economy investing $1.3 billion so far. The Czech companies as contractors are involved in various projects in Azerbaijan, worth a total of $16 billion.

Trade turnover between Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic amounted to $201.011 million in January-June 2017.

The Czech Republic ranks 12th in the list of main importers of Azerbaijani goods.


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