A conference titled “Relations between Czech Republic and Muslim countries” was held under the chairmanship of Azerbaijan`s Ambassador to the country Farid Shafiyev.

Co-organized by ambassadors of Prague group of OIC member countries accredited in Czech Republic and Charles University the event brought together members of the Parliament, officials of Czech state bodies, representatives of the society.

Addressing the event, Farid Shafiyev highlighted the importance of the conference, saying the event aimed to discuss various aspects of relations between Czech Republic and Muslim countries.

The diplomat said the co-existence of different faiths and ethnicities is increasingly under threat in the worlds now is the time to build new models to bring people together. Mr. Shafiyev described Azerbaijan as an example which is the crossroad of various cultures and civilizations.

The diplomat said year of 2017 was declared by President Ilham Aliyev “Year of Islamic Solidarity”. He highlighting the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Baku, describing the Games as the successful result of the country`s policy.




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